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A2C uses the W.A.C.A. model to empower Self and the
community through therapy, training & clinical

Rates & Additional information

Therapy Rates:

Initial Intake: A2C charges the rate of $220.00 for the first individual therapy session and $247.50 for the first family/couples therapy session. The first session is the initial intake in which therapist assesses contextual and background information to further understand client/s’ needs

Therapy sessions: Following the initial appointment, A2C charges the rate of $165.00 for each individual therapy session and $192.50 for each family/couples therapy session, unless client meets eligibility for discounted rate.

All sessions are 50 minutes long and are prorated for longer sessions. 

Eligibility for Discounted Therapy Rates:

Clients/ payers (if payer is different from client) whose income are at or below their county’s low income limit (80%) are eligible for A2C’s discounted rates. Clients/ payers must show proof of income (i.e. driver's license if address is same as residence current, utility mail, etc.). The income limit for Florida counties can be linked on the Florida Housing website in the most up-to-date CDBG-DR – Florida Housing report

Initial intake: A2C charges the rate of $126.50 for the first individual therapy session and $143.00 for the first family/couples therapy session. The first session is the initial intake in which therapist assesses contextual and background information to further understand client/s’ needs

Therapy sessions: Following the initial appointment, A2C charges $99.00 for individual therapy and $115.50 for family /couples therapy.

Therapy Package Rates:

A2C offers rates for therapy packages for both regular and discounted rates (aforementioned eligibility for discounted rate applies). The packages below do not include the initial intake session, which is the first session with A2C therapist. Rates for the initial intake sessions can be found under "Therapy Rates" and "Eligibility for Discounted Rates" above. The package includes four therapy sessions and are pre-paid in full on/by the first session. Single pre-paid packages are non-refundable once the first session has taken place. Packages paid in advance (i.e. holiday packages, sales specials, purchase of regular priced multiple packages) are non-refundable after purchase. All package sessions are only applicable while client's status is active with A2C. In case of a discharge/automatic discharge, clients who have any pending sessions from a prepaid package will lose said sessions. An automatic discharge is put into effect when there is a 90 day gap in service.

Here are the package rates: 

  • Four Individual Therapy sessions - $550.00              
  • Four Couples/Family Therapy - $660.00
  • Four Discounted Individual Therapy sessions - $330.00
  • Four Discounted Couples/Family Therapy sessions - $396.00 

Clinical Evaluation Rates:

A full clinical evaluation is $1650.00. The first half is none-refundable and goes towards the sessions and assessment. The second half goes towards the composition of the clinical evalutions and is due once the clinical evaluation is completed. The full amount must be paid off prior to client collecting the final clinical evaluation.

For clinical evaluations that need to be expedited, which means that A2C has less than 16 business days to complete it, there is an expedited rate of $250.00

Discounted Clinical Evaluation Rate: 

Only client's whose clinical evaluation is being processed through a partnering non-profit organization such as No More Tears or AIJustice are eligible for the discounted rate of $1100.00. 

Methods of Payments:

A2C accepts payment via check, money order, cash, apps such as Zelle and Venmo, as well as HSA/FSA, and credit/debit card via Ivy Pay. 


A2C requires a minimum of 24-hour notice for cancellations, reschedules, or no shows for all scheduled appointments. In case such notice is not provided prior to the scheduled appointments, clients will be responsible for paying a flat cancellation fee for late cancellation, late rescheduling, or no shows. The flat fees are as follow:

$100.00 for virtual session 

$150.00 for in-person sessions

Late cancelation, late rescheduling, or no shows are not covered by insurance; thus, clients are responsible for the flat fees stated above for any late cancellation, late rescheduling, or no show. For clients who have purchased a package, the late cancellation appointment will be deducted from the remaining sessions within the purchased package.

In Network Insurance:

A2C is in network with Cigna, Aetna, United Health, Oxford, Oscar, and BCBS of Massachussets for teleahelath services only. A2C utilizes a third party service called Headway for insurance verification, claims and, payments (i.e. co-pay/coinsurance) with Aetna, United Healthcare, Oxford, Oscar, and BCBS of Massachussets. Should you want to know more about this third party, you can visit their website https://headway.co/

Out of Network Insurance:

Many insurances do cover full or part of therapeutic sessions through their mental health benefits. Insurances require a Psychotherapy CPT code; for 50 minute individual psychotherapy sessions the CPT code is 90837 and for family sessions it is 90847. Some insurances may also request a statement from the therapist for reimbursement purposes, which I provide upon request. When checking your coverage with your insurance you could ask the following questions for clarification:

  • Do I have mental health benefits? 
  • How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
  • How much does my insurance pay for out-of-network provider services?
  • How do I issue reimbursements for out-of-network provider services?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • Is there a limitation on how much the insurance will cover per session?
  • Is primary care physician approval required?